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A first glance at Shadowrun Returns and its take on future Seattle


Seattle, 2054. The general ambiance is set to film noir, so imagine that a world-weary man in a hat is propping up a monochrome bar, or that a femme fatale is tapping her cigarette suggestively. A key character is named Mitch Macklusky. Somewhere beneath this veneer of sordid glamour, somebody is trafficking organs.

That’s Shadowrun Returns, according to a Game Informer preview parsed by French fansite Fondation Draco. What’s more, it’ll feature a keyword-based dialogue system and a turn-based combat system inspired by XCOM. And we now know exactly what it’ll look like. Drink it in below.

The player will directly control a team of Shadowrunners in combat, who they’ll recruit over the course of the game.

And finally, a snatched glimpse of the game’s scenario editor. Developers Harebrained Schemes plan to follow their Seattle scenario with a trip to Berlin.

Shadowrun will return in early summer to PC, Mac and Linux.

Thanks, RPG Codex.