Forge out on Steam; let the RPG-enthused arena fighting begin


Despite failing to find its funds on Kickstarter, Forge – a game that welds the fantasy and branching skillsets of an MMO with the quickfire arena gameplay of the Call of Duty games – managed to complete development and pass through the gates of Greenlight to land itself on Steam. It released today for £15 and is currently available as a two-fer-one.

More on this all below.

We wrote about Forge back in August when it was looking for funds on Kickstarter to get it through the last stage of development and ready itfor release. Seeking $300,000, Forge fell short, only managing to raise $75,000 in pledges.

It was an intriguing project four months ago and that hasn’t changed. The developers, Dark Vale, are essentially making an MMO-styled Call of Duty. In an MMO, a level one player hasn’t a hope of taking on anyone even only a couple of levels higher – what with health, damage, and abilities scaling up as you level – so you have to grind your way into the upper levels before you have the full use of your class. Dark Vale have tried to make a game with more of a level playing field, giving access to multiple classes which begin at level one with abilities able to take out other players, no matter their level. There is still an unlock system, one which rewards play with new abilities and armour, so I don’t think you could call the game entirely level, but it certainly brings the upper echelon of the game down within reaching distance.

You can see it in action here:

Forge is on sale for £15. The low price is to get players into the game, new classes, maps, and powers are to be added to the game as DLC. Make of that what you will.

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