Free Love: Eskil’s creative game of scavenging, communities, and survival is now free


Eskil’s been working on Love for over five years now and the completely solo-built project has evolved into a game like no other. He’s now giving it away, for free, to anyone who wishes to experience Love.

There are no caveats to this release. It’s the full game for anyone to jump in and play. There’s a couple of perks that become available to players who donate but as Eskil says “The idea is to give supporters something extra while not taking away from the experience of people who don’t donate.”

So donors receive:

  • Ability to move the Rally Point.
  • Persistent character name, look and title
  • Adult sized characters (everyone else is kids)
  • Ability to get infused (very late game)
  • If you’ve not come across Love before it is a first person game that is one part Populous, one part Minecraft (though it was around before Minecraft was a glimmer in Notch’s eye), and a sprinkle of Darwinia. You enter the world as a scavangerchild, place a monolith on the island -designating your village centre – and begin shaping the world to your needs. Building shelter, homes, defenses, whatever you need. The whole thing is a collaborative effort with other players.

    This is an old video, but it covers the basics and gets across the game’s art style:

    If this all sounds wonderful and lovely then you’ll want to download the game from here.