Games accounted for $83 million of Kickstarter pledges in 2012. More than any other medium


Kickstarter have released a summary of 2012 and games come out pretty well in the stats round-up.

Of the nearly $320 million pledged through the year, $83 million went to games projects.

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While games have been seeking funding on Kickstarter since its launch in 2009, it wasn’t till February 2012 that things really took off. The Double Fine adventure became the second project to break a million dollars and lead the charge on games becoming the most backed medium on the site.
At the end of the year 2,796 games projects found funding through Kickstarter.

Well done Kickstarter. Let’s hope that the games that received funding in 2012 all go on to become FTLs and release on time to great acclaim because, atthe end of the year, we started to see a few worrisome signs with some projects looking to have misused and run out of the funds they raised.