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[UPDATED] Avid YouTuber puts out Rust gameplay video, registration for alpha testing halts


Rust is out on Early Access; here’s our Rust review.

UPDATE: Cara mistook this avid YouTuber for Garry. The lovely man is actually Lewis aka “PsiSyndicate”. We’re terribly sorry, but please watch the videos anyway.

Lovely fast-talking Lewis aka “PsiSyndicate” has put up two really long really great videos illustrating exactly how this new survival open world multiplayer game Rust works. Developed by project lead Helk, you can build your own house Minecraft-style, hack trees to bits, kill deer and boars, even draw your own blood and store it in your inventory (he doesn’t “really know what it’s used for” though). Also he gets murdered a lot in his own videos. It’s very STALKERish, quite DayZish, and looks like a fascinating study in putting up a house in absolute abject terror.

Sadly, registrations for alpha testing Rust are now closed. I am Cara’s massive disappoint.

Here’s the first part of the (very long) videos that Lewis put up today. Of note is the risk/reward mechanism created by the fact that areas with high radiation have the best loot, which makes the game seem extremely tense.

A man catches Lewis putting up his house, and sneaks around around the perimeter of it. “I thought I’d go outside and murder him since he didn’t look too happy a guy,” says Lewis, then proceeding to hatchet a guy in the head. Eek.

Garry, the brains behind the game, says this on his blog: “The players should decide how they play the game. You should be fearful of others. That is the whole point. This is a game where the player makes their own story.. and emotion plays into it a lot. If you see another guy in game.. – you’re going to be scared of him at first. But then you sniff around each other and decide to go on an adventure together. You begin to trust each other. That means so much more if you both had the ability to kill the other at any time and didn’t. And you weren’t just doing it for a green +1.

So what’s to stop you from going around killing anyone you want and taking their shit and becoming more powerful? Nothing. What’s stopping it from becoming a PVP killfest? You. Our job should be to give the players the tools they need. If you’re sick of getting killed – start a town. Build town walls. Give all the town members red clothes. Put warning signs up outside the town. Set up trip wires and alarms. Watch each others back.

Our job is to give you the tools to allow you to protect yourself.”

Here is the second part of the video:

Lewis’s friend’s voice in this video is the most deadpan-wonderful monotone. I would like to marry him. Some surprise mans come to visit andLewis’sfriend is just like, meh.

My fav quotation from here is “I’ve got four doorways which I’ve found from a dead body”. WOULD KILL FOR DOORWAYS.

“I also want a 100 foot giant that will come and smash your buildings up – forcing you to work together to take him down. But I’ll have to sneak that past Helk.”

In conclusion I want to play this game. But it is still in development and the registrations are closed. Damn you Garry.