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Ghost of a Tale enters final ten days. New character videos released

Mixing the grim despair found in worlds like that of Dark Souls and wrapping it around the framework of Beyond Good & Evil's blend of stealth, combat, and exploration, I was smitten with Ghost of a Tale before I finished watching its teaser footage.

Unfortunately, it’s still only halfway towards its Indiegogo funding target with just 10 days to go on its campaign timer.

We can help it along.

This is a project that should succeed, it has so many elements to recommend it: it’s the passion-project of Dreamworks’ former animation director Lionel Gallet, responsible for Despicable Me and The Lorax; it’s a small, focused project that is unlikely to spiral off into development hell; it’s set in a stunning world, one teased with horror, populated with lumbering, grim creatures; and its play sounds to be a varied mix of brutal combat, stealth, and puzzle solving.

Yet, of its €45,000 target it’s only just crept over €23,000. While €45,000 is no small amount of money, the quality of animation and artwork in the footage released so far is not to be sniffed at. Doubly so when you take into account it’s the work of one man and in only four months of development. The money Gallet is asking for is to fund the purchase of software licenses, commission for a composer, and to keep him going till the game’s 2014 release window.

If this is the work of four months I’m excited to see what could be done in another twelve.

Since launching the campaign Gallet’s released some character videos showing the creatures that inhabit the island Periclave in sharper relief.

First, our hero:

The lumbering Undead Rat:

A spearman Frog:

And, the all-important mud crab:

So, if you want to see Ghost of a Tale come to fruition you best head on over and back the thing. If you aren’t able to do that, upvote it on Steam Greenlight.


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Whitenorthstar avatarVinsanityV22 avatar
Whitenorthstar Avatar
4 Years ago

imho, this game could be absolutely remarkable.

VinsanityV22 Avatar
4 Years ago

I really hope this game makes it - it looks so, so promising. But I hate Indie Go-go with a real passion thanks to it's usage of Paypal, and Paypal's requirements of showing them ID and whatnot to actually use it. Kickstarter is so much simpler. I wish I could help, but putting my ID out on the net is a line I refuse to cross and Paypal can suck my **** because of it.


Seriously, this is a direct quote from Paypal: "As a result, PayPal must

ensure we have collected and verified important data such as customer name,

address, date of birth, and national tax ID or social security number."

F***. THAT.


Kickstarter just lets me use my Amazon account and my Debit card. Easy peezy. Sorry indie devs; if you want me to give you money, you should be on Kickstarter.


I'm pulling for you though, Ghost of a Tale! *crossing my fingers*

Whitenorthstar Avatar
4 Years ago

regrettably, non-US and non-UK citizens can't launch campaigns on Kickstarter