Goat Petting Simulator is the best goat petting simulator you’ll play today


I can confidently say that Goat Petting Simulator is the best goat petting simulator released today. I don’t want to overstep my bounds but it may be the best goat petting simulator this week. Unfortunately, Simulator: Goat Petting still holds the title for best Goat Petting Simulator released this month.

Goat Petting Simulator drops you in an open world populated by trees, rolling hills, and paddock. In the centre of the tall-fenced paddock is a single small goat. It knows what to do. You know what to do. Let the petting happen.

Clicking the left mouse button has your phantom hand pet. Direct it over the goat and you will pet the small bleating creature.

Amazingly, this richly detailed simulation of petting a goat is free. Another miracle is that developer Chris Hall has managed to fit all this functionality into a single 200mb download.

This game is a must for those living in goat-deprived areas or those who are recovering from a goat-related trauma and require a virtual simulation to ease them into a live goat scenario.

You can pick up Goat Petting Simulator from here.