Goat Simulator Collector’s Edition was planned to come bundled with a real goat

Sniping humans will buckets is a thing goats are wont to do. Awful, really.

Collector’s editions frequently border on the uninspired – have a cloth map of the game world, or a plastic statue, or a key chain. It’s useless tat that, frankly, you’re unlikely to want to have on display around your house.

Now, a goat? That’s actually got some use. Goat Simulator’s collector’s edition was going to have a goat if only there was a company that shipped goats worldwide.

Coffee Stain’s game designer Armin Ibrisagic told the story on Twitter:

An inspired decision, except for one problem:

Coffee Stain are hard at work on getting Goat Simulator ready for a 1 April release date. Appropriate, nay?

The game started off as a joke. A short video showing a goat head butting objects and receiving a Tony Hawks-style score but under pressure from the internet Coffee Stain became convinced they should make it into a full release.

This is the result: