Godus Kickstarter still short with three days to go; backers to get their face on Curiosity’s cube


Godus is out on Early Access; here’s our Godus review.

Crikey, this is a bit difficult to watch. As it stands, 22can’s Kickstarter campaign sits rather uncomfortably at just a smidge over three-quarters of the way to its target. That despite hitting the halfway point more than a week ago. Last-minute reprieves are sort of Kickstarter’s thing, but right now it seems the only way the Cans’ will avoid a disappointment-tinged Christmas is if the world ends on the morning of the 21st. And unless God is anything like Roland Emmerich, it definitely, definitely won’t.

22can’s last update is the clearest glimpse we’ve had yet of Godus prototype footage. It’s a facsimile of how the average game might play out, and features those lovely contours again.

In the final stretch, you’ll be pleased to hear that Godus’ backer incentives have got a bit mental. Now all backers will receive a unique in-game totem for their homeworld and, somewhat brilliantly, have their face used on a layer of Curiosity’s cube. If they like.

22cans have also divulged details on DRM, wisely remembering that PC gamers are a noisy bunch when it comes to copy protection.

“The answer is simple,” reads the new post. “You will be able to play the singleplayer experience of Godus without needing to go online; you can play it while on a plane or when you’re in a cave. No internet connection required to play the game in singleplayer.

“An online connection is required for online multiplayer and potentially some additional features but the singleplayer campaign does not require you to be online in order to be able to play.”

Hardly a full answer, but it’s nice to have confirmation 22cans won’t be adopting the most draconian/nonsensical measures available to them.

Have you got 22cans’ back as a backer? If not, why not?