GOG and CD Projekt RED special event this October; games will be named, secrets spilled, and announcements announced


CD Projekt RED and GOG have sent missives across the land inviting you, yes you, to a special event this 18 October. Using the wizardry of streamed video anyone and everyone is able to tune in for the announcements the developer will be making about their new IP based on the Cyberpunk pen & paper RPG.

More details below.

Writing on their blog, CD Projekt RED have said that they’ll be announcing the new game’s name. Doesn’t sound like much but they aren’t going to be making all this fuss unless they’ll be revealing more information about the game also.

GOG have announcements too:

“GOG.com will also be announcing that it is bringing best PC games from throughout history to a new operating system. That’s not all of the news that GOG.com has planned for the Special Event, however: they will also be showcasing several new releases as well as giving gamers a unique chance to get some of the greatest classic games ever made for a literally unbeatable price.”

Wearing my speculation hat for a moment, I’d say that that means GOG are going to begin supporting Linux and to kick things off will be giving away a number of games for free. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mod tools for The Witcher 2receivedeither a release date or were straight up loosed on the world.

From 6pm on the 18 October you’ll be able to watch the live feed here.