Gun Monkeys from Size Five games: “You’re basically running a corrupt version of nPower”


Gun Monkeys has you play an evil power corporation sending monkeys into the future to steal power from your competitors. The monkeys are also armed.

The trailer explains why this makes sense. Well, sort of.

While still working on The Swindle, Size Five Games have spun out a new more-violent-for-monkeys version of their two-player arena shooter Gibbage. Gun Monkeys is quite an advancement on Gibbage, mind. It’s taken a lot of the tech designed for The Swindle (mainly fancy graphical effects) and wrapped them about a procedurally generated multiplayer arena shooter.

Speaking to RPS, Dan Marshall explained “You’re basically running a corrupt version of nPower. Instead of getting electricity from legitimate means you’re sending monkeys into the future to collect it for you.”

The power you earn in matches feeds into a persistent pot, allowing you to purchase upgrades for your team between games.

Although Gun Monkeys began life as something of a side project, Marhsall says that the game will be released before The Swindle (a project he’s been working on for years now). He’s aiming for a release this summer.