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Gun Monkeys is Steam free for the weekend, really very cheap to keep forever


Me and that Jules fella who does the evening bits on PCGamesN had a go at Gun Monkeys the other day, and spent half an hour in happy ignorance of what on Earth was going on*. We bounced off walls, fell into circular saws, and shot missiles in each others’ general direction. There was so, so much blood. And Kevin Eldon narrated the whole thing.

Not everybody’s been so lucky as us, though. Most humans didn’t buy Gun Monkeys when it launched, and those that did have struggled to find others to match up with. Which is a serious problem, this being a competitive 2D arena shooter we’re talking about. Two things have happened since then, though: Size Five Games have started running regular events, and Gun Monkeys has gone all free for the weekend.

It’s free until Sunday 1pm PST, which is ages off yet. And then, if you like it, you can buy it at a 50% discount. I actually performed a desk-bound double-take – a slight head-turn imperceptible to anybody but Tim Roth – when I saw the price. £1.99, for two copies of a hectic time with a friend.

Here’s what that looks like:

Have you remembered where you know Kevin Eldon from yet? That’s right: everything on telly.

*Gun Monkeys has a presumably very helpful tutorial that runs when you first boot it up. We’re regular charlatans, though, and ignored it.