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Heavy Bullets shoots for Steam Early Access, is trippier than psychotropics

Heavy Bullets

There’s a new guy in town over in Early Access-ville, and he’s packing heat. He also sees in 256 neon colours, and hears a constant thudding beat in his head. His name is Heavy Bullets, and he’s a procedurally generated shooter full of blocky enemies and just six bullets to blast them all with. 

The debut game from Brazilian solo developer Terri Vellimann, Heavy Bullets slaps a single revolver in your hand and points you in the direction of a security mainframe that must be reset. Your gun is loaded with just six bullets, but rather than shattering upon impact, bullets can be picked back up and reloaded. So whilst essentially that means unlimited ammo, the usage of them must be meticulously planned. Watch the trailer above and you’ll soon see how easy that’s not going to be.

Music is provided by American musician and rapper Doseone, giving Heavy Bullets its own distinct set of beats. Pump some samples into your ears at this SoundCloud page.

Heavy Bullets is currently in beta and about two months away from completion. An Alpha was released in September 2013 on the TIGSource forums, and Terri has been working on it with feedback from the community since. The Early Access beta will allow a broader audience to help him tweak the final elements before the July release.

You can buy Heavy Bullets right now with a 15% discount from Steam. At launch the game will retail for £6.99, with a 10% discount in its first week.