Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter now promises single player campaign


Heavy Gear Assault broke with the tradition of the mech-based franchise by launching its Kickstarter as a straight up multiplayer arena shooter with no solo play campaign. Following requests from fans, developer Stompy Bot Productions now promises to include the first episode of a singleplayer campaign should they reach their $800,000 funding target.

Last week Matt covered the Kickstarter for the Unreal Engine 4-powered reboot of the Heavy Gear series but here is the pitch video for you to get caught up:

Stompy Bot positioned themselves in an awkward place with this Heavy Gear reboot, competing with two other free-to-play arena mech shooters – Mechwarrior Online and Hawken – and with little to differentiate itself beyond its franchise history. The singleplayer component could be what would separates the game from its competitors but this addition post-Kickstarter launch suggests it may have a tacked-on quality to it.

Stompy Bot have updated their pledge page to match this change but beyond stating its existence there aren’t any details on the singleplayer component.

Cheers, RPS.