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Hotline Miami 2 footage accompanied by vague hints at release window; “There will be snow falling when we are finishing”


Thanks to the constitution of brave Eurogamer, I can point you in the direction of a sizeable chunk of Floridian wrongdoing fresh off the griddle at Rezzed. Therein, we learn that the Hotline sequel isn’t set to be any more bloody than its parent – rather more challenging. But there certainly isn’t any less red in its palette either.

Bewarned: the footage concludes with a properly grim piece of indefensible violence. But then, you’re here, aren’t you? You know what Hotline Miami is:

That’s chicken-headed protagonist Jacket there, who says developers Dennaton are “not sure” of a release date but offers a clue as to a broader timeframe. Bear in mind, though, that all of this information comes from an unreliable narrator:

“The pressure on us, from us, is to make the end of Hotline as good, as challenging as we can,” he clucks. “I guess we can say there will be snow falling when we are finishing.”

I think a few eyebrows were raised when Hotline 2 was announced. Are Cactus and co. really a sequels outfit? Misgivings aside, this is confirmed to be the last donning of Miami’s mask, and the developers evidently feel they have a little ground left to cover. In gibs, that is.