Humble Bundle 8 comes full of indie fun: Hotline Miami, Proteus, Capsized, Dear Esther, and more


The latest Humble Bundle hits all the right notes, it’s got your standard fanfare of indie developers, charity, and DRM-free goodness but the games are some of the best released in the past few years. There’s the hyperviolent Hotline Miami for the thrillseekers, the lyrically generated Proteus for the chillseekers, and Dear Esther for those who are a little down.

And that’s only the half of it.

Besides those mentioned up top, there’s Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, and Little Inferno. It’s a really good spread of games in this bundle, covering a whole host of game types. I’ve not had a chance to play Little Inferno or Awesomenauts but all the others are excellent fun.

You’ll need to beat the average to receive Proteus and Hotline Miami but considering that average is currently less than $5 it’s not so much to ask for.

Along with the games you’ll also get the soundtracks for all the games bar Hotline Miami (which you can listen to hear anyway).

If you fancy buying the bundle then head on over the Humble Bundle homepage.