Humble Indie Bundle 6 launches with Dustforce, Vessel, Torchlight, and more


The latest Humble Indie Bundle may force you to dust of the old credit card because it’s going to be rock hard to resist, actually, saying no to this bundle may cause your resolved to shatter and leave you to [CULTURAL EXPLETIVE DELETED] out. Er, Torchlight.

If those hints were to subtle, click below to find out which games make an appearance.

So, pay what you want and receive:

  • S.P.A.Z
  • Shatter
  • Torchlight
  • Vessel
  • Rochard

As well as there constituent soundtracks (except for Vessel).

If you pay above theaverage you’ll get the finesse-requiring platormerDustforce, too.

Not convinced? Let the dulcet tones of the Humble Bundle guy persuade you:

Still not convinced?