Humble Weekly Sale puts Paradox in the spotlight


Another week, another Humble Sale, another chunk of money on its way to charities and developers. This week’s exquisite gang of games is from the ever-wonderful Paradox, and includes experiences of grand strategy, dinosaur riding, mass decapitation, and explosive spellcasting. 

Dropping $1 or more on this week’s Humble will bag you Europa Universalis III Complete Edition, War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Leviathan: Warships, Dungeonland, and The Showdown Effect. Key notes here are of course the epic Europa Universalis, which may not be the most recent entry in the historic political epic, but will devour your spare hours like a hungry hungry hippo. War of the Roses is much like Chivalry in that it contains pretty much everything that’s great about bloodily hacking off men’s limbs in first person. It also comes along with the alpha to the Vikings-era set entry in the series.

Drop a few dollars extra though, and by matching the current average ($5.80 at time of writing) you’ll bag yourself Crusader Kings II and Magicka, both exemplary games within their genres. Magicka will offer you hours of co-op arcane hilarity (blowing up your friends in wizard accidents has never been so brilliant), whilst Crusader Kings offers another map for you to dominate through your military and political expertise.

A few dollars more ($120 of them) will grab you a bundle of 48 Paradox games, should you be quite the fan of their output, but had never brought any of their games until now.

Each purchase also nabs you the soundtracks to each game, should you wish to chill out/exercise/ride the bus to the tunes that accompany your new found entertainment.

As ever, whatever you pay can be partially divided up between developers and charities, or given to one or the other in full. Charities are the American Red Cross and Child’s Play.