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IGF finalists to receive Steam distribution agreements

Valve have announced that they are to offer distribution on Steam to all the finalists of the 2013 Independent Games Festival in all seven categories. This will include all three formats available including PC, Mac and Linux. 

Valve aren’t alone. Microsoft have also announced that they will select one of the finalists and offer them first-party publishing details on Windows, Xbox Live Arcade and Windows Phone. This is the second year Microsoft have made the offer: last year they selected Capybara Games’ upcoming Super TIME Force to be released over their platforms.
The winners of the IGF will be announced on March 27th 2013. 558 games have been entered into the competition. 

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Persus-9 avatar
Persus-9 Avatar
5 Years ago

That seems a very sensible move by Valve. I think it is fair to say they still have issues regarding how they choose to greenlight games since 'greenlight' throws up at least as many problems as it solves. This should ensure they don't pass over anything too good. The inevitable IGF finalists bundle should be quite profitable as well.

The Microsoft move also makes sense, at least for Microsoft. I think developers should take a long hard look at their game and the history of Introversion before they decide whether it is a good deal for them though. Putting Darwinia+ through Xbox certification and the development of Multiwinia that that entailed damn near killed Introversion after they accepted a not dissimilar approach from Microsoft. Add in the new requirement for a touch screen version on top of the mouse and keyboard and gamepad versions for a triple platform release and I can see a lot of little development problems ahead.