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Incognita trailer reveals Klei’s stealthy Xcom is called Invisible, Inc

Invisible inc Klei Entertainment

When I spy is discovered they normally go to ground, changing their identity in the hope that they can live out a long and happy lifetime. Not quite sure what the protocol is when a spy reveals themselves to the world but after Klei announced their turn-based tactical spy ‘em up Incognita they went and changed its name to Invisible, Inc.

I liked the name Incognita. Luckily, Klei have released a trailer of Invisible, Inc to salve that wound.

The art style is delectable. Each character class on show have such crisp silhouettes, showing off exactly what their skills are.

The game’s in an Early Access alpha at the moment, you can buy a copy over on the game’s site.

The latest update added a metagame to the espionage shenanigans. Previously levels would be generated and you’d play them as isolated rounds. The new meta layer means that successful missions earn you points that go towards unlocking new character choices and abilities.

Also, you no longer get to choose the corporation you infiltrate. Instead, now you are randomly assigned one. “We wanted more control of the game difficulty and play length,” write Klei. “As well, we have some new dials to turn that will increase replay-ability.”

Another change sees players encouraged to avoid killing guards. Kills now cost you a “Clean up fee” – it’s the cost your organisation must pay to make sure news of your exploits doesn’t reach the court. Each kill costs you $100. Conversely, complete a level without killing anyone and you’re rewarded with $500.

Cheers, RPS.