Incredipede trailer will leave you incredulous


Taking Fantastic Contraption and then drowning it in messy meat and muscles, Incredipede is a puzzle game that with each trailer makes its DIY creature concept more and more endearing.

Check out the caringly painted graphics and frankly mesmerising muscle movement in the new trailer:

The sadness with beautiful games like this, that push you to expand your mind and craft cunning solutions, is that the things you see people make on the internet seem to be so perfectly formed in comparison to your own retching, wheezing creature that it could make you despair. That is unless you’re one of the folk who create thosestupefyingfilms. I both love your work and envy your soul.

Offering more than 60 levels and a level editor, it looks like we’ll be playing with Quozzle (the beast in question) for a long while after release.

You can read up more on Incredipede over here.