Indie god game Maia’s first-person mode looks like a fever dream from the head of Alan Turing


Maia won’t look like this. At least, not often. Most of the time you’ll occupy a comfortably omniscient, isometric view, better suited to the managing of colonists on a far flung planet. But when it does, it’ll be a vector-laced eyemelt.

Maia comes from Simon Roth, veteran of both VVVVVV and Frozen Synapse.“In the game you will be able to possess IMP bots and use them to dig, build and fight in first person,” says Roth.

“Although non essential at this stage and unlikely to be in the first alpha, I really wanted it prototyped, as it looks awesome. Definitely good trailer fodder.” Definitely. See for yourself below; you’ll want to watch in HD or, as Roth warns, “you’ll melt your eyes”.