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Interstellar Marines: Prologue turns to Kickstarter; WARNING: pledge video contains shark dogs


Now in development for more than eight years and suffering more ups and downs than a, er, hippity hop, Insterstellar Marines has turned to Kickstarter to fund a prologue to their ambitious co-op, tactical space marine shooter.

Here be that pledge video, it was all that was left of Kickstarter site’s salesman who knocked who stepped into my airlock:

Zero Point Software are asking for $600,000 to fund the development of the Prologue chapter to their eventual full release of Interstellar Marines. The approach of Zero Point has always been that if they can show people what their vision for the game is then it will get the funding and support it needs to be made to their tastes – they originally released concept videos, then short mechanics demos, all the while keeping the community up to date with in depth blog posts – so this approach seems pretty sensible.

It’s been up for less than a day and they’ve already passed the $20,000 mark.

There’s also the usual fare of posters, t-shirts, and soundtrack tiers, that stretch all the way up to the $10,000 tier level. Though you may not be in the company of mega-backers.

I’ll be keeping on top of this one as the mix of customisable weapons, roleplaying upgrades, squad shooting and shark dogs looks to be just right for me.

Yeah, shark dogs:

From Zero Point Software’s Youtube Channel.