Interstellar Marines update is sympathetic with British floods, adds new extreme weather map


The developers of Interstellar Marines are reaching out to the British flood victims in the only way they know how, by creating an extreme weather map for their shooter. Astrodome is described as a “playground” but it will, in time, be developed into a training ground, and then a full multiplayer map.

I already feel the pain of the floodwaters subsiding

Astrodome is part of Interstellar Marines ninth Early Access update:

Other changes are the new animation rig. It’s “designed from the ground up to make your movement as fluid and natural as possible,” writes developer Zero Point Software. “This piece of code has to be fool- and future-proof, so we can add new animations, new weapons, new attachments and new gadgets without having to change the animation rig each time.”

“We’ve also improved the audio effects, especially the SMG’s gunfire, enhancing your immersion.”

The final update is the new Spectator mode, making it easier for streamers and Let’s Play-ers to begin broadcasting footage of the game.

The game’s not entirely free of bugs just yet, though:

There’s a lot of new updates and fixes, too. Here’s the full change list:

New Features

ADDED: A new character rig with support for advanced animation blending

ADDED: New walk and run forward/backward, strafe left/right, jump and reload animations

ADDED: Fully dynamic and physically-based weapon swaying/bobbing

ADDED: New spectator mode:

– Works when joining as spectator in Multiplayer or in Playground mode

– Toggle between camera modes on keys 1, 2, 3 (rebindable in settings)

– Level camera: Cycle next/previous camera on LMB/RMB (left/right mouse button). CONTROL toggles autocycle/hold mode

– Free camera: Use keys forward/backward/strafe left/strafe right to move and left/right mouse button to move up/down. MSW (Mouse Scroll Wheel) controls move speed. CONTROL toggles steady/fly mode

– Follow camera: Click LMB/RMB to switch to next/previous player. MSW zooms in/out in thirdperson. CONTROL toggles viewing in third-person/first-person

ADDED: TNew map “Astrodome” to Playground. The map is to be used as a multi-purpose training arena that can be customized realtime to different tactical combat scenarios

ADDED: “Movie Mode” user setting that toggles all in-game UI off (except Chat window)

ADDED: Kill icon over head on dead marines

ADDED: ZPS icon to developers on names/scoreboard UI


UPDATED: To Unity 4.3

UPDATED: All maps to distribute CPU/GPU load more evenly

UPDATED: Terrain and vegetation on applicable maps (better performance)

UPDATED: Slow helmet shader (50% better performance)

UPDATED: All audio files/settings (150% better performance and smaller memory usage)

UPDATED: “Pitch black” modes to actually be completely dark (bug fixed in Unity 4.3)

UPDATED: Lens flares on weather crane so they fade in/out faster

UPDATED: SMG 1p/3p firing sounds

UPDATED: SMG reload and aim sounds

UPDATED: Jump and land sounds

UPDATED: Helmet sounds

UPDATED: Lasers so they are less visible (1p/3p)

UPDATED: SSAO to work better with fog

UPDATED: The Suit System to muffle audio instantly when it is disabled

UPDATED: DOF to work better with new marine in hip/aim as well as spectator camera

UPDATED: Missing level geometry colliders on all maps

ADDED: Collision to trees and bigger vegetation

ADDED: More level cameras to all maps

ADDED: Wind to trees and vegetation

ADDED: Rain ambience sounds to crates

ADDED: “Confirmed kill” sound

ADDED: Level camera toggle sound

REMOVED: Audio occlusion effect when helmet down and Suit System is online


FIXED: “when moving, the aim shifts upward in first-person”

FIXED: “laser/flashlight doesn’t consistently turn on/off when viewed from certain angles”

FIXED: “flares render through the weapon in first-person”

Known Issues

– Footstep audio and FX does not work on terrain (known bug in Unity 4.3)

– Third-person jump animations does not work correctly yet

– The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4.3)

– View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks

– Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds

– Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)