Ironclad Tactics pre-orders begin. Extra! Extra! bundle detailed


SpaceChem is the best puzzle game on PC. Everyone else wishes they could be as good as SpaceChem. So we should all be extremly excited for the release of Ironclad Tactics on 18 September. It’s the next game from SpaceChem’s developer, Zachtronic Industries.

It’s about the American Civil War with added robots.

The game will be available to buy through Steam later this month.

Until then Zachtronic are selling a pretty nifty bundle. The Extra! Extra! bundle comes with two add-on campaigns, an art book, and the game’s soundtrack. So far so standard. It’s the physical rewards which stand out.

You’ll be mailed a paper version of Ironclad and Spacechem. Finally you can play your favourite games with yesteryear’s technology. You also get a papercraft model making kit to build your own robot. Oh, and they’ll chuck in a poster, too.

Finally, you also get a copy of SpaceChem, it’s expansion, and a periodic table poster.

The bundle is available in a number of flavours (just the digital stuff, all the trimmings, and the game alone) on Ironclad’s site.