Jasper Byrne’s New Game+ is stripping RPGs down to their barest bones


Lone Survivor developer Jasper Byrne is going the minimalist route with his new game, New Game+. He wants to “try and reduce and RPG to the fewest elements [he] can while still being able to feel like an RPG.” There’ll be no inventory, instead the only items you can alter are “the armour and helmet you wear, the two things you carry in your hands, and one support item,” and they’ll always be visible on your person.

More of his thoughts after the break.

Writing in a recent blog post he says he isgoing for something of a Dark Souls feel, what he calls “Soulsian”, but in an isometric pixel art setting. So expect involved, difficult combat that punishes mistakes but rewards learning its mechanics.

Byrne has got four-player co-op up and running and included”four quite different characters and [has] the stats and weapon systems fleshed out, as well as the coop and VS game modes implemented.” Though, despite all this progress he does say not to”expect it this year.” Largely this is because, with his very visual communication of what equipment the players are wielding, “the animation takes so long, […] the player must be able to use every item, in both hands, with four facing directions, in every suit and helmet!”

Considering Byrne’s previous games, and the fact that he cancelled NG+ but was unable to leave it dead, makes me want to know everything I can about this project. He’s keeping shtum on the story and the game’s themes, currently only teasing out little bits about how the game will play and unfold. However, if you’re able to, Byrne is starting to show NG+ off at some events, you may be able to get hands-on with the co-op slasher there.

Cheers, BeefJack.