Journey creator thatgamecompany to start developing for multiple platforms


thatgamecompany has scraped together a cool $5.5 million in investment dolla, which coupled with the completion of the studio’s three-game contract with Sony means they’re now free to publish independently across whichever platforms they care to develop for. Their most recent game, Journey, became the fastest ever selling game on the Playstation Store. It was about sand and being nice. What platform would you like to see them release future games on, reader? What’s that? PC? Hey, me too!

“thatgamecompany was started in 2006 in response to the many heartfelt requests we received as students from players around the world,” stated company co-founder Jenova Chen in a blog post. “These players were looking for games that provided meaningful, enriching interactive experiences in a broadly accessible, artistically crafted way. Today I am pleased to announce thatgamecompany has raised funding to develop and release our games independently. This enables us to bring our games to more platforms and provide our players the highest quality experience at every point of contact.”

Well that’s just super! It’s unlikely however that we’ll see a PC port of thatgamecompany’s previous projects – Flower and Journey -given their still-existing Playstation exclusivity, but you can play flOw right here, and pretend you’re already living in a glorious world where thatgamecompany is free to publish where they please.