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Kickstarter UK will launch 31 October; project submission has already begun

Slitherine CEO on Kickstarter

Fan of it or not, Kickstarter has been behind many of this year’s headlines; Double Fine adventure, Wasteland 2, Project Eternity, Oculus Rift, all, and many, many others have found funding for projects many gamers have wished for for years. Until now it’s been limited to our state-side brethren, sort of. All projects had to be registered as US-based and required a legitimate US bank account to channel funds through. Not For much longer.

We knew it was coming this autumn, we just didn’t know when. We do now: 31 October.

Eurogamer have been keeping a track of the project’s move to the UK, pointing out that a recent Kickstarterblog postrevealed:

“Beginning October 31, people in the United Kingdom will be able to launch their projects on Kickstarter. Beginningtoday [10 October], people in the UK can get started building their projects by clicking on the “Start a new project” button on theStart pageand selecting the UK as their country. When we’re ready for projects to launch on October 31, we’ll send an email letting them know that they can hit the launch button whenever they’re ready.”

The Kickstarter team go into the nitty gritty of the details over in that post, but here are a couple of the key points:

  • There will not be a separate UK site, all projects will be listed alongside each other
  • The only difference between payments and rates is that, in the UK, pledgers will send funds directly to Kickstarter and not use the Amazon payment system

Always wanted to make Hamlet: The Game an FPS* with 4th wall breaking allusions to Marlowe’s murderbut have never found a publisher to support you? Now you can set up the project and pitch to your heart’s content.

Freudian Perspective Simulator, natch