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Killing Floor Halloween event and Community Weapons Pack coming; Tripwire want to “reward the best community content makers directly.”


Killing Floor has always put the horrible squelching sound into ‘shlock’, but the Hillbilly Horrors Halloween event sees it dive willfully into the dungeon of B-movie horror tropes.

The Hillbilly Horrors map is built around a “redneck homestead”, populated by totalled cars, junk and hick zombies. They’re a family, see:

Maggie May and friends will be accompanied by 15 new achievements – six of them event-specific, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em affairs – which will unlock the Grim Reaper as a playable skin.

The official update will also bring four new weapons to the game. There’s the MKb42(h) assault rifle, ripped straight from developer Tripwire’s Red Orchestra 2. Elsewhere,The Vlad 9000 nail gun does exactly as you’d hope in a physics-enabled FPS, and is joined by a WWII trench shotgun with incendiary rounds and specialist healing grenades(!) for Medics.

And the fella pictured? That’s The Chickenator – he’ll be putting in an appearance as character DLC.

Separately comes the Community Weapons Pack, which significantly is the first Killing Floor Steam Workshop produce to make money for its creators.

“It is our hope that this opens the door to a whole new relationship with the community,” say Tripwire. “One in which we’re able to expand the new Killing Floor Steam Workshop so that the players have far more control of what makes it into the game AND we can reward the best community content makers directly.”

We spoke to Tripwire’s Alan Wilson recently, who told us he doesn’t understand why more games don’t offer mod tools. Do you have an answer?