Krautscape is a racer where you build the tracks as you drive


There’s a lot of voices on the internet which are keen to shout that all indie games are 2D pixel art platformers, casually ignoring the vast swathes of games released each week which fit none of those categories. Added to that number is Krautscape, a 3D racer where the lead player builds the track ahead, and all the cars can sprout wings.

Not your average indie game, then.

According to the game’s website, the player in the lead position determines the direction and tone of the track ahead, cycling through possible track modules and placing them (hopefully) before they hit empty space. While the player in pole is distracted with that the other players can either race along on the track behind or simply drive off the side of the road, sprout some wings, and try to make their own shortcut.

It’s a nifty looking thing and one which, while doing away with so many elements of a traditional racer, retains enough of the genre’s mechanics that it should appeal to the more experimental throttle-heads.

Cheers, PC Gamer.