LA Game Space Kickstarter offers 30 games for $15


Most the Kickstarters we cover are for developing a single game, something that the makers need capital for to take their project through to completion. The LA Game Space is a little different. The team behind it are looking to raise $250,000 to rent a warehouse and kit it out to support an experimental game development studio, a research lab for studies on gaming, a speaking space where luminaries from different industries can talk about their work and games, and fund a residency programme.

It’s an ambitious scheme certainly and geographically niche. However, they’ve worked in a number of tiers and ideas to make it beneficial for you to pledge to them:

RPSspotted that for $15 you get 30 games. 30 new indie titles, yet to be seen, from developers like Hotline Miami’s Cactus andAdventure Time’s Pendleton Ward.

Check out their pitch from the Kickstarter page:

So, even if you aren’t based in LA the lectures will be appearing free online and the artist in residence scheme is going to be open globally. And, lest us forget: 30 games.$15.

Should the LA Game Space happen it will be fascinating to see what will come out of it, artistic collectives are pitted about culture, behind sea changes in a medium. I’m not saying that the LA Game Space would change all of gaming, rather that a group of developers together and drive each other in evolving a schism of design. Look at the Experimental Gameplay Project, the group of designers created micro games based around a theme, leading to bizarre and brilliant slices of fun. Eventually leading to a successful fuller title: World of Goo.

So definitely check out the Kickstarter, if only for the reward tiers which don’t seem overblown on price.