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Limit Theory Kickstarter passes goal. Funding possibilities move into limitless territory


Indie space adventure Limit Theory has raised the $50,000 funding goal over on Kickstarter, three cheers for procedural generation being a viable draw for pledging in a games industry that is largely made up of constrained and scriped worlds: Hip hip (Ed: will you please shut up and get on with the news?). Aw.

More on the project below, including game footage:

Developer Josh Parenell was looking for $50,000 to fund the construction of his space exploration game, Limit Theory. It creates whole, infinite universes and populates them with procedurally generated ships, planets, asteroid belts, dust clouds, factions, friends, enemies, and so on and then leaves you to do what you want with it. At least, that’s what Parnell is claiming.

You can see what the game’s looking like at the moment in this new footage:

Taken from Limit Theory’s Youtube channel.

And hear Parnell talk about the game in his pitch video:

The first (and currently only revealed) stretch goal is an in game ship/station editor at $75,000. You can take a closer look at the
Kickstarter over here.