Loadout has 50 billion ways to kill your opponents


Loadout is out now; here’s our Loadout review.

If you can think it, Loadout can do it. A multiplayer shooter where roles and classes don’t exist, instead only limiting players on their imagination. Want a gun that fires plasma bolts which corkscrew around corners? Maybe a rocket launcher which lobs its rockets packed full of green healing goo? Lets face it, you just want a sniper rifle that can bounce electricity off walls to pull off those amazing skill shots. You get the idea right?

Here’s a get demonstration of what the game has to offer in it’s current beta:

I know what you’re thinking, it looks very TF2 esque. However I think it does more than enough by itself to warrant it’s own existence. The amount of weapon customisation is bonkers, and it’s only going to grow as more weapons/attachments are added. A neat thing is being able to pick up your opponents guns upon their grisly death, allowing you to test out their monstrous creation.

You can start playing Loadout right now with the early access package on Steam.