Loadout’s feature roadmap tells of parties, bots and new modes aplenty


If, like Tim in his Loadout review, you’ve fallen in love with Edge of Reality’s comic shooter, Loadout, then you’ll be glad to know the game’s getting nothing but better with it’s slew of planned updates. Reality have published a roadmap of upcoming features, all of which expand on multitude of weapons and maps available – who’d have thought a game with a gun called the Nutpunch Project could get any more enticing.

Reality are keeping shtum on the details but they’re offering up a broadstrokes feature list. For instance, in an upcoming build we know that they’re releasing a new map, game mode, and more parts and equipment. They’re also adding in Steam achievements. They’re just not specific as to what those new parts would be, or where the map is set.

The team do say that “there will be more information provided on each of these features as we come closer to releasing them.”

Here’s the rest of what will come in the later build:

  • Weapon Balancing

  • Equipment Balancing (personal shield)

  • Rebalancing bot difficulty in Co-Op

  • Join a Friend in-game

  • Significantly reducing lobby wait times between matches

  • Bug Fixes

“We would truly like to add everything in our goals as quickly as possible,” write the team, “however we must state that the an item in the ‘Near-Term’ feature set does not necessarily mean that they are guaranteed, or that they will come at the same time as other items within the same list.”

Here are those near-term features:

  • Ranked

    • Ranked Playlists for multiple game modes

    • Tiered Ranking system for multiple game modes

  • Private Games: 8-player parties

  • Jackhammer vs. Bots

  • New PvE Game Mode

  • New Weapon Parts, Character Cosmetics, and Equipment

  • Continued Weapon Balancing

  • New Payload

  • Mac Support

  • Bug Fixes