Low Battery is about a robot chasing his next fix

battery robin clarke

Robots are just like humans – metallic skin, processor filled brain, inability to feel pain – yes, we’re exceedingly similar. The regard in which we best align is our reliance on batteries. As we need them for turning on our lifegiving televisions and powering alarm clocks, they need them to live.

Battery is a game that documents one robot’s constant chase for the next fix.

Battery is a canny puzzle game where the aim is simple, get to the exit. The hook is that you can only move eight spaces before your battery runs out. This means that you have to make your way via any available batteries, stepping on one refills your power bar.

As you burn through the levels you’ll find more complex challenges. For instance, your route will begin to double back on itself. Because cells are exhausted when they give up their charge, you have to plan your return trip so you don’t find yourself without a power source.

Batter is great little puzzle game and it’s free to boot. You can play it on Puzzle Script.

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