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Notch’s latest game is called Drop, a free browser game about falling into a cube forever


The ‘make a game in a weekend’ Ludum Dare competition has drawn to a close for the 26th time, spawning over one and half thousand games along the theme of ‘minimalism’. Minecraft man Notch took a whack at creating something for the contest and ended up with Drop, a simple game about falling into an endless cube while tapping keys as letters appear on your screen. It’s inspired by Super Hexagon and the corner of the room Notch was sitting in when he thought of it. I’m terrible at it, because fingers.

Of course, Notch’s entry isn’t the only game inspired by Ludum Dare. There are over one and a half thousand entries submitted to the competition so far, with hundreds more appearing in the less loosely deadlined Jam category. Sifting through them reveals some neat ideas, almost all of them half-baked by their very nature, but each of them snowflake-unique. Here’s one that I’ve enjoyed, called Be The Wind.


It’s all about picking up seeds and growing trees, with hints of games like Eufloria and Flower. Judging of Ludum Dare 26 will last three weeks. You can find all of the entries so far here.