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Magrunners trailer shows tentacle creature and physics-based puzzles

In the same way that there are only seven different plots, there are only a finite number of game elements (researchers are predicting we’ll run out of fresh game blocks by 2015) at which point the only way to stave off stagnation will be to combine various settings, features, and character models.

3AM Games has pulled the one-armed bandit of game design and rolled an Cthulhu/Physics-based puzzles/Cyberpunk for its game Magrunners.

Not a bad draw.

What 3AM Games have done with the first-person puzzler schematic laid down by Portal and Q.U.B.E is what makes the game stand out as an intriguing prospect, Magrunner doesn’t have the cleanliness of the other puzzlers, drawing from its Cthulhu lore to create a dirty world. A little like a cross between Event Horizon’s xeno-horror and Star Wars’ lived-in spaceships.

You interact with the world using that fancy glove that you saw at work in the trailer. It can manipulate the gravity of certain objects, letting you push and pull them about the scene - blocking lasers here, knocking down walls there, and creating havoc wherever you are able.

As yet, Magrunner’s release date’s not been announced.

Cheers, RPS.

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VinsanityV22 avatar
VinsanityV22 Avatar
4 Years ago

Very cool looking. I do love the 180 flip from Portal to... Quake-ish environments. The story seems promising too - at the very least, the voice acting seems top notch. The name is kinda cheesy though. "Magrunners" sounds like a SNES/Genesis game about some sort of... cheesy, futuristic take on combat track & field or something :)


I also wonder if there's co-op, or if at least if you can play as multiple characters. The trailer seems to focus on "puffy jacket guy", as well as some damsel in distress it sounds like. But they made a point of mentioning 7 characters, so what's up with that?