Maia launches on Kickstarter UK


Whenever I say “space colony management game” I always feel like I’m hurling too many syllables at people, but that’s exactly what Maia is, combining influences from The Sims, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. Creator Simon Roth is based in Oxford and his is one of the first British games to launch on Kickstarter today.

For £10, backers can both reserve their copy and also get alpha access to the game, but if you’re quick you can grab exactly the same for £7 or even a fiver. In a nod to Douglas Adams, there are just 42 £5 pledges available, while the £7 tier has room for 400 backers.

Higher pledges will be rewarded with high-res wallpapers, soundtracks, posters and even a chance to meet with Simon for a pint. Now that’s particularly British.

(Oh, and the first stretch goal adds dogs. Dogs.)