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Mak Kickstarter trumps all with breakdancing robots


“Mak is a game about setting things in motion,” says Sebastian Patric at the opening of the game’s Kickstarter video. You plug motor blocks together, run a current through them, and watch what happens. (Hint: what happens is awesome, see for yourself.)

This video was found in orbit about the VergeGameStudio Youtube Channel:

It looks so vibrant: purples, greens, and oranges all grow into one another and because of the total oddness, don’t look individually out of place. It’s a lusciouspalate. Look at those normal maps too, grass, rock, and metals. It just looks so tactile.

It all fits with the action too, to have such a physcial,higgledy-piggledy world where the game asks you to ram different toned blocks together and see what happens, well, that’s evident in everything. Iwant to explore that world.

Check out the Kickstarter video for more information:

It’s got multiplayer too. Blimey, where could I Kickstart a thing like this? Well here.

Yet, despite everything in its favour – good concept, great art, and seemingly well made – Mak’s only raised $20,000 of its $230,000 target. With 20 days on the clock, it will need to pick up if it wants to hit its goal. According to Kicktraq, at it’s current rate it will only raise $50,0000. So, if you like you blocks physical and full of colour,get over there and show your support.