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Mercenary Kings is bouncy, bloody, and coming to Steam’s Early Access programme


Tribute Games’ Breakout-alike Wizorb was a blend of great gameplay and ridiculously detailed pixel art animations. Genuinely some of the best pixel artwork I’ve seen in a game. So the news that their next game, Mercenary Kings – a side-scrolling shooter that lets you craft your own guns – is soon to be coming to Steam has my heart all aflutter.

You can see the game at work in the new Steam Early Access trailer.

Mercenary Kings was a Kickstarter-funded project that raised $116,000 when it originally sought $75,000. That extra money’s gone into adding new levels and beefing up the game’s online component.

While the store page isn’t yet live, the game will be on sale from 22 July. Preorders will get you access to the game’s beta and at a discount cost ($15 compared to the $20 the game will be at official launch).

It really is very pretty.

Cheers, Eurogamer.