Middle of Nowhere wants to take you to a nostalgic place via Kickstarter

Middle of Nowhere

We’re living in the survival horror revival era at the moment, with the big boys like Resident Evil walking off stage with rotten tomato dribbling down their mugs as Amnesia and Outlast manage to scare the pants off us all. We still remember the old days when Resi ruled the roost though, and so does Aaron Wilde. He and his team at VisionArts are looking for money to make a nostalgic, old-school survival horror. Support their Kickstarter, and it will appear in the form of Middle of Nowhere. 

Middle of Nowhere is a heavily story-based survival horror looking to combine the strongest elements of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis, with rich exploration and not an objective marker in sight. Bloody difficult is the term I’d use, but it doesn’t seem to feature on the Kickstarter page. The game will follow the journey of Isaac Newman, who travels to a creepy North American town in search of his brother Aleister, a physician who ventured to the town to aid a sick young girl. Set in 2020, the town is described as beautiful yet troubled, although the screenshots seem to primarily suggest the latter is the dominant theme.

The project is looking for £25,000 to get going, but before you pull that green/brown/purple from your wallet and slap it down, you can play a pre-alpha demo, available from the Kickstarter page. Too long have we thrown money at Kickstarters we’ve no real idea what on earth they are, so a demo to sample seems a monumentally good idea. Go play, get scared, then donate should your nerves be suitably wracked.