Mojang’s Scrolls has a launch trailer with a creepy man in it


Here’s the launch trailer for Mojang’s upcoming collectible card game Scrolls. Inside, you’ll find a man who looks a bit like Brian Blessed staring very intently at a scroll. What’s on the scroll is a mystery. Maybe it’s the recipe for knickerbocker glory. Mmmmm.

The trailer also revealed the planned open beta date: June 3rd.

Here’s the launch trailer:

It seems to have it all, from card scroll collecting, deck building, trading and battles.

I’ve recently started to get into Magic: The Gathering in a very, big way. I’m going to a tournament and everything. My card obsession has come exactly at the right time: with Scrolls, Hearthstone and Card Hunter all vying for my attention.

Also: I want some ice-cream.