Monaco gets stealable physical collector’s edition


Monaco, the heist game with brilliant French accents, has been available digitally for a few months now, but a feature-filled physical boxed edition has been announced by Merge Games. For those who really want to live the game, this means you and up to four pals can steal the actual game from a shop before stealing things from casinos in-game.

Of course, we don’t condone this behaviour, since we actually think Monaco deserves to be brought. It’s a little bit amazing you see, and that level of amazing only increases each time a new co-op buddy drops in. You might think four of you can pull a heist off no problem, but soon you’ll be causing all manner of chaos. It will be hilarious. And you’ll all communicate over Skype in silly French accents.


The boxed edition is available from today, and contains two Steam keys for you and a fellow thief, as well as the soundtrack (composed by Grammy-nominated Austin Wintory), some trading cards and signature cards. Quite the steal. Or purchase. We emphasise again, we’d like you to buy this. Stay legit, kids.

You can grab Monaco Collectors Edition from online retailers like Amazon, and those bricks and mortar places called shops, for around the £22 mark.