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Mr. President has you dive in front of a sniper’s bullet. Or into a chair. Or off the stage. Being a bodyguard is hard


I’ve never taken a bullet for someone. A nerf dart, yes, but never a bullet. If Mr President has taught me anything it’s that I’d be a terrible bodyguard. As my ward was gunned down by a sniper I limply dived into a chair.

This is the funniest game you’ll play this weekend.

Created as part of the 7DFPS game jam, Mr President is to the point: there’s a sniper training his rifle on the President at a rally. You have to dive in front of the bullet and save his life.

You can run and dive, nothing else. The sniper fires at a set time on each level so you’ll need to time your dive right to save the President. Or, if you don’t like the candidate, make sure you’re timing’s off.

Something Facepuncher Nick Mason demonstrates:

Having the camera switch to the sniper’s perspective when you dive means you can see your laughably poor attempts to save the leader of the free world’s from the best viewpoint.

Once you’ve saved the President once it’s hard not to keep going back and have your bodyguard dive into everything but the President. Campaign poster stands, chairs, the podium, all are potential targets.

It’s such a tiny game but it’s a little brilliant. Play it here.

The developers want to expand it with more levels and mechanics like being able to tackle the President or spot the sniper. To help them do that, give the game a push on Greenlight.