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Must have own mop: report to generic FPS corridor #4 for Viscera Cleanup Detail co-op


Viscera Cleanup Detail was designed as a satirical hosing-down of the extensive gib-palette still employed by FPS level designers, and resonated loudly with players who’ve suffered it for too long. Perhaps more loudly than developers RuneStorm were expecting – they’d built the game in a 10-day internal game-jam, and left it in relatively bare-bones state.

They’ve since managed to spend another week working on the (still free) prototype, however – the most notable product of which is functional co-op.

As it turns out, buzzcut heroes tend to leave behind more than enough muck to occupy two:

Also new to Viscera Cleanup Detail are two extra maps and “blood graffiti” – that phenomenon particular to the has-been space base.

The game continues to make itself known on Steam Greenlight, meanwhile, and $5 pre-orders for a full version are already an option on the RuneStorm site. A canny lot they’re turning out to be.

It’s lovely that somebody’s finally delivered on that truly ‘visceral’ FPS we’ve been promised by so many successive developers, eh readers?