NaissanceE trailer shows corridors heavy with foreboding

NaissanceE Limasse Five

We first looked at NaissanceE back in May. It was an impressive looking thing then but now, seven months later, it’s something else. It’s clay-coloured walls and simple harsh lights create an unsettling environment.

It may not have the blood of Dead Space or the creatures of Amnesia but NaissanceE’s lonely architecture is horrible, like something out of House of Leaves.

It looks like you’re inside some sort of machine. That’s what NaissanceE’s world is, mechanical. Inhuman. The crude corridors house puzzles, and leaps of faith over endless pits. The game looks to share something of Antimatter’s confusion. Walls can move and walkways can form all with the shoft of a light.

If you can’t see something it doesn’t exist. Like a cruel game of peekaboo. So you have to keep up with the light, you have to see what you are jumping to:

NaissanceE launched on Steam on the 13 February and it’s currently on sale. You can buy it on the Steam Store.