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Natural Selection 2 release date set for 31 October


It’s nearly here. Genuinely, within weeks. The sequel that’s taken a decade to develop. Natural Selection 2 is nearly within our gaming grasp. In 22 days we can resume our places in either the boots of terrified space marines, the hooves of the ravenous aliens, or the relative safety of the commander’s chair. Yup, Natural Selections blend of FPS and RTS is (nearly) back.

Details below.

Announcing the release date in a post over on their site, the team talk about the challenge of bringing their ambitious sequel into existence:”Combining two genres, Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooter, is difficult. Not only that, but creating an entirely new engine, Spark, for it all to run on added layers of complexity to the development” but also that they’renow in”lockdown. Only polish, bug-fixes, and usability changes are going into the game. Cory is hard at work on a release trailer, to stand along with the Gorilla and Exosuit videos. Charlie is putting in balance tweaks and help systems. Max is cranking on performance.”

You can read more about the Exosui here.

This isn’t the game’s launch trailer but something the team at Unknown Worlds have put together to mark the release date announcement:

As Unknown Worlds say, “22 Days to go.”