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NotGTAV gets PC release, does not feature bank robberies, does feature David Cameron

NotGTAV David Cameron

GTAV on PC is here! Except it’s called NotGTAV, and it’s not actually Rockstar’s super-popular psychopath simulator. Perhaps developer Not Games are twisting the knife a little bit with this one, but it’s all in the name of charity. 

You can also repeatedly smash David Cameron into a wall, which sounds like the most satisfying game mechanic ever created. You won’t find that in Grand Theft Auto V. 

NotGTAV is a crudely drawn 2D affair that plays like Nokia’s beloved Snake and features three exceptionally British criminal missions. Level one will see you starting a raid at a LIDL store in Swindon. For level two, you’ll be heading out to the green pastures of wales to harass sheep. Finally in level three, you can release all your pent-up anger on public sector workers as you parade around London as lizard-in-a-man’s-skin David Cameron.

The game costs £1.99 from the game’s website, and all proceeds go to charity Peer Productions, that help educate children about social issues through workshops, films, and plays.

“This game is absolutely, definitely NOT Grand Theft Auto V,” said NotGames’ Jay Orbaum to Eurogamer. “The GTA in our ‘NotGTAV’ doesn’t stand for Grand Theft Auto, no, it stands for Great Traffic Adventure. And the V is silent. Like the V in ‘lawsuit’.”

Thanks, VG247.