Obsidian Kickstarter ‘Project Eternity’ is an isometric RPG in the vein of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape Torment


Chris Avellone, isometric,Tim Cain, Icewind Dale, Josh Sawyer, Baldur’s Gate, mature themes, Planescape Torment. Sure they’re just words but they’re all on the same Kickstarter page. My excitement gland has swollen to a dangerous size and yours should be too because finally the makers of some of the best, and most enduring RPGs to ever grace our screens are working an old-school isometric game.

Details, excitement, videos, and gushing below.

So, they’re asking for $1.1m. A fair amount of coin, that’s for sure. Though. that monies will go to “not only making a game, we are creating a whole new world. That means a new RPG system, entirely new art, new characters and animation and whole lot of lore and dialogue. We’ve also designed the game to have a flexible budget and scope, so if we reach our target budget goal, we have a list great stuff we can add into the mix through stretch goals. And, additional money we raise will go straight into the game to add new levels, companions, NPCs, features, and even entirely new parts of the world which will add hours and hours to the adventure.”

So, if your subtext-o-meter was a little off during that last paragraph, this is not a Planescape sequel, despite the many calls for such a game of the years. This is a new world, new characters, new everything – but old style.

The project’s been up for only a couple of hours and it’s already hit $100,000.

Oh, and if you happen to have $10,000 lying around, here’s what it will get you:

For we lighter walleted folk, $20 is the entry price for picking up a copy of the game.

So, get pledging.