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Our Darker Purpose is a macabre Burton-esque indie with just days left on Kickstarter


Indie developer Avidly Wild Games has a twisted little action RPG in the works; a roguelike by the name of Our Darker Purpose. Painted in the colours of Tim Burton, the project has just four days left of its Kickstarter campaign to raise the final dollars it needs to succeed. 

The game was originally a graduate school project created by Will Wu, David Roth, and Caitlyn Kurilich, but has since gone beyond those humble roots to something a little larger.

The game puts you in the little shoes of Cordy as she explores the derelict remains of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children. Feral classmates, demented monsters, and some darkly hilarious dialogue make up the bulk of the gameplay, which eers on the side of damn difficult. It comes of no surprise that The Binding of Isaac is listed as an influence, then.

The Kickstarter campaign page handily includes a pre-alpha demo so you can try-before-you-pledge. If you get caught up in the game’s cobwebby charm though you’d best pledge and pledge quick; there’s but four days left on the clock, and $14,000 needed to guarantee success.